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Pierre Le Pape brought ‘The Child’s Song’ to life in Othercide

By 12 juin 2019 6 Comments

Since the community seemed to really like Othercide’s music style in our latest trailer, we thought now was the time to present one of the artists we partnered with. We are very happy to announce our collaboration with Pierre Le Pape who worked with other artists on multiple songs for the game. Get to know them better through their experience while working on the project and listen to an exclusive sample of ‘The Child’s Song’ we unveil today!

Pierre Le Pape and Alexandre Chaudret, Art Director on Othercide
Pierre Le Pape and Alexandre Chaudret, Art Director on Othercide

Who is Pierre Le Pape and the artists he worked with?

Pierre Le Pape is a French artist known for being the metal composer, vocals and keyboard from his own band Melted Space, collaborating with other artists from the French metal scene as well as international bands such as Slipknot, Morbid Angel and Dark Tranquility. Pierre also worked for numerous metal bands such as Embryonic Cells, with whom he will play on stage at Hellfest 2019 held from June 21-23 in France.

Our duo from the Marketing team – Margaux (Head of Marketing & Communications) and Johanna (Social Media Manager) – will also attend the event. Make sure to stay tuned because we have something in mind!

The other artists who participated in the soundtrack ‘The Child’s Song’ were Spencer Sotelo from Periphery (Voice), Frederic Leclercq from Dragonforce and Sinsaenum (Guitar/Bass), Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth and Soilwork (Drums), Anne-Lise Durantel (Violins) at CSD Studio, François-Maxime Boutault (Mix) assisted by Susie Lopez Uroz and Tony Lindgren (Mastering).

Listen to an exclusive 60-second sample of the soundtrack now and tell us what you think!

How was it to work on Othercide’s music?

Pierre Le Pape (Music/Words/Orchestrations): “As a gamer and composer, I’m really glad and grateful to compose my very first video game soundtrack on such an ambitious and highly artistic project. These last months, I spent a lot of time in the dark Othercide’s universe and it’s been a fantastic experience to transcribe it in music and words.

I had the opportunity to work with great people and friends, I’m really proud of what we’ve done. I would like to thank all the people involved in this and, of course, Anders – CEO and co-founder of Lightbulb Crew – and Alex – Art Director on Othercide – for their support and incredible trust!”


Frederic Leclercq (Guitars/Bass): “When Pierre approached me for this project I didn’t think twice: the music he wrote was great, and I love video games. THEN he told me that Dirk and Spencer were part of this, and it was like two cherries on top for the price of one (laughs).

We’ve met on tours/festivals before and they are really great at what they do – same goes to Pierre of course; so for me its an honor to be part of this and I’m ready for the sequel (laughs).”


François-Maxime Boutault (Mix): “I was fortunate enough to be part of this incredible piece of music, gathering so many talents in just one soundtrack.

The mixing process has been very challenging because everyone involved did their best to offer a greater value on each performance, resulting in an unique sounding song with many tracks.

Even if I have been working with Pierre Le Pape many times in the past, and although I happened to meet many of the artists involved in this song, that was the first time – and a singular opportunity! – to work with all of them in one project. Definitely a great experience!”


Tony Lindgren (Mastering): “Mastering this song was a lot of fun! All the guys performing did a great job, and that combined with the bombastic and catchy arrangement simply makes this an awesome song.

From the get go the mix sounded really good but we still went for something called stem mastering. This means that I received the mix split into a number of instrument groups  which in turn let’s me make individual adjustments to the different elements of the mix during the mastering process. Setting everything up this way made it possible to do those in depth tweaks that brings out the power and detail of each sound and makes the end results sound great!”

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  • RafaAnto dit :

    I like the music in itself but I don’t feel it like a game OST. In what context exactly will this song sound? Or it was just a taste of what the band could produce? Because if this just was a sample of what they could do then I can see this in the game, the theme of the game could totally work well with a metal composer specially if he works knowing what happens along the game and what the songs should make the player feel at each step.

    I just take issue with that sixty second sample. It felt like a single, not something that you could put in a cut-scene, in the background or in one of those zones some games have where they can pick up missions, upgrade stuff and the like (I don’t know how were they called nor if you’ll put one of those).

    keep up the good work! I’m excited to see the final product! (and hoping I’ll get a PC that’s not a potato by then XD).

    • Johanna Lajoux dit :

      Hello RafaAnto! Thank you for your feedback and support! ?
      This type of music will especially be used for important fights and moments of tension. We worked with other artists as well which allows us to have a wide range of different songs for each moment of the game.

  • Trystan dit :

    Awesome ! Can’t wait to listen the full song

  • samittarious dit :

    wow this track is incredible and it’s so close to the genre i listen to which is metalcore and post hardcore. keep it up guys, great choice

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